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Benefits of a Free Case Evaluation

Whether you are injured on the job, or you face criminal charges, you need an experienced and compassionate attorney to guide you through your case. Many law offices that specialize in personal injury law and criminal defense offer free case evaluations. What is included in one of these sessions? How should you prepare to get the most benefit from your meeting? Attorneys who provide comprehensive case evaluations cover your case from top to bottom so they – and you – know what to expect moving forward.

What is a free case evaluation?

A free case evaluation provides you with the opportunity to discuss your case with a legal representative. It also is a way for you and the attorney to get to know one another. When an attorney says thet offer a free case evaluation or client consultation, you can expect them to sit down with you, listen to your problem, and provide some initial thoughts about the case. This is performed at no charge to you and with no obligation to move forward with the attorney if you decide for any reason that he or she is not a good fit.

Why do attorneys provide free consultations?

It is beneficial for the attorney and the client to have a free consultation. Most attorneys offer free consultations because they genuinely care about helping people. They have a passion for pursuing tough cases to ensure your rights are protected. When conducted thoroughly, a free case evaluation gathers just enough information to determine whether you have enough evidence to prove your claims or defend against criminal charges.

For prospective clients, it gives them a chance to decide if the attorney is competent. Civil and criminal attorneys must be effective communicators to win settlements and court cases. Listening is an integral part of communicating. You can determine whether an attorney is a good listener by how many questions they ask about your case and how they respond to your questions about their services.

What to bring to your free case evaluation

The kind of information you must supply depends on whether you are pursuing litigation or are defending against charges.

For personal injury cases, clients should bring:

  • Police reports (if they exist) about the accident where the injury was sustained.
  • Details about who else was involved in the accident.
  • A list of witnesses to the accident.
  • Photos of the accident scene (if available).
  • Medical reports of any treatment for your injuries or ongoing therapy for recovery.
  • Information about which insurance companies are involved in the case.
  • A list of all expenses associated with the injury (medical, lost wages), plus supporting receipts or other documentation.
  • Explanation of how you think the accident occurred.

For criminal defense cases, clients should bring:

  • All documentation from the police, jail, or any judge that has handled your case. This can include court summons, citations, jail release paperwork, search warrant affidavits, vehicle impound sheets, and toxicology reports.
  • A list of witnesses willing to testify on your behalf.
  • Information about your personal and professional background.
  • Any previous misdemeanor or felony complaints against you.
  • Details about any future court date already scheduled.

It is not necessary to bring witnesses for your case to the free consultation. Should your attorney decide to move forward with your case, they can contact the witnesses on your list and arrange to take their depositions.

What to expect at your case evaluation

When you schedule a free case evaluation with Cameron & Russell, you can expect a face-to-face meeting with criminal defense expert Marcus Cameron. He has an extensive criminal law background and has represented clients in all types of felonies and other criminal charges.  

Marcus will sit down with you to discuss the merits of your case. You can expect him to ask a lot of questions and review all supporting documentation that you bring along. After a review of the facts and listening to your side of the story, he will present information about how he can help with your case.

Your attorney should not be the only one asking questions during the free case evaluation. Prepare a list of your questions and have them ready to ask. It is critical you tell your attorney the truth about your circumstances. They cannot help you if they do not have all the facts.

What to expect after the consultation

Clients can think about whether they wish to hire an attorney following the free consultation. Never allow an attorney to pressure you on the spot about retaining them for your case. Hiring an attorney is a financial commitment. Reputable attorneys provide prospective clients with the time and space needed to consider their next moves. If you decide to move forward with the attorney, you must sign an agreement that outlines the services provided and the fees associated with those services. Many attorneys work on retainer, requiring an up-front fee to get started on your case. Attorneys who use retainers will deduct their fees from the retainer balance, only invoicing you for more once the retainer is spent. Be sure you understand all the terms and conditions, plus legal obligations, before signing an agreement to work with an attorney.

Get the help you need

Free consultations ensure that every person has equal access to representation for their legal needs. Whether you are pursuing fair compensation for a personal injury, or require defending against a DUI charge, we can help. Contact us today to schedule your obligation-free case evaluation.

August 12, 2021

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