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Tips for Suing Teen Drivers

Teen drivers can be inexperienced and easily distracted, making for a dangerous combination.

I Can’t Drive My Car. Now What?

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A car crash can leave you without a reliable vehicle. Considering a property damage liability claim can help.

Picnic fun without the lawsuits

Picnics and backyard parties can go from fun to dangerous when party hosts don’t protect their guests.

How to Share the Road with Motorcyclists

Knowing how to share the road with motorcyclists can mean the difference between a devastating accident and arriving safely at your destination. Late spring and summer months bring more favorable weather for motorcycle rides in New Mexico. Drivers must be diligent in keeping an eye out for motorcycles and exercise some caution when they encounter […]

How to Prevent Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accident injuries can be life altering. They cause death, serious injuries, and trauma to more than 2 million Americans each year. Defensive driving can help protect you from ever getting into an automobile accident. Sometimes, however, it’s not enough to avoid a collision with another vehicle or pedestrian. It’s difficult to prevent auto accident […]

Nursing Home Patient Rights: Know the Facts

Nursing home patients have rights in New Mexico. Depending on someone else for your care doesn’t eliminate those entitlements. Whether you (or a loved one) lives in a personal care home or a skilled nursing facility, you deserve access to quality medical and personal care services. Accidents can and do happen in New Mexico aged […]

How to Sue a Private Prison

Prison isn’t a fun place to be, but that doesn’t mean prisoners should be subjected to abuse and neglect in the name of punishment. Yet, prison abuse allegations are on the rise in the United States in both state-owned and privately held prisons. Reports of abuse and inhumane treatment continue to surface about prisons in […]

How to Sue for Lawn Mower Injuries

Lawn mower injuries can be a surefire sign of spring. As soon as the flowers start blooming and the birds start singing, your grass starts growing, too. That leads to the annual firing up of the lawn mower for the first grass cutting of the season. More than 35,000 Americans get hurt while mowing their […]

Can You Sue More Than One Person?

Personal injury claims sometimes require victims to sue more than one person. Car crashes are a perfect example of when it might be necessary to pursue personal injury claims against more than one person. Workplace accidents are another instance when multiple parties may be responsible for your injuries. When you’re hurt by someone else’s negligence, […]

Women’s History Month: Sexism in the Workplace

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March is Women’s History Month and the perfect time to talk about sexism in the workplace. Sex-based discrimination on the job is a real concern for New Mexican women. It’s also considered a civil rights violation under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Just how many women experience inequity in the workplace? […]

The Pitfalls of Minimum Limits Insurance Coverage

Driving in New Mexico can be a stressful experience. The state has many roadways deemed among the most dangerous in the nation, including the I-40 and I-25. That’s just the interstates on the list of roadways where the most accidents happen in New Mexico. There also are state and U.S. highways like State Route 550, […]

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