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Tips for Suing Teen Drivers

Teen drivers can be inexperienced and easily distracted, making for a dangerous combination.

Medical Evidence’s Role in Worker’s Compensation Claims

Medical evidence plays an important role in the successful outcome in worker’s compensation claims. It helps determine the extent of your injuries and provides evidence of your eligibility for benefits. The right kind of medical documentation props up your case by establishing a causal link between a work-related injury or illness and your job duties. […]

Avoid These Common Worker’s Compensation Claim Mistakes

A workplace accident attorney can help you protect your rights if you’re injured on the job.

7 Ways Insurance Companies Interfere with Personal Injury Lawsuits

Insurance companies interfere with personal injury lawsuits frequently. Dealing with them can further complicate the already complex process of filing a personal injury lawsuit in New Mexico. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not on the side of the victim in most personal injury cases. Their priority is to protect their bottom line, paying out as little […]

Understanding Your Right to a Fair Trial

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Understanding your right to a fair trial is an important civil liberty. Part of the Bill of Rights, the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution details your rights within the criminal justice system. Sixth Amendment rights are designed to protect you if you’re accused of crimes. Among the safeguards outlined in the Sixth Amendment include […]

10 Most Common Airbag Injuries

Airbag injuries can happen any time you’re involved in an automobile accident. These safety features are meant to save lives, but sometimes they can cause debilitating injuries—even death—if they malfunction. Front airbags have been required in all new passenger vehicles since 1999, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Side airbags aren’t mandated, […]

5 Reasons New Mexico Insurance Companies Deny Claims

New Mexico insurance companies deny claims for many reasons. Even when the accident wasn’t your fault, you may find yourself locked in a battle with your insurance company—or that of the at-fault driver—to get fair compensation for your injuries and damage to your vehicle. Insurance companies protect their bottom lines. They go above and beyond […]

Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like a Lawsuit

Holiday shopping? Check. Buying all the ingredients for a holiday feast? Check. Inviting friends and family over to celebrate? Check. Hiring a personal injury lawyer? Say what, now? The holiday season traditionally is a time for giving gifts, eating too much, and spending plenty of time with your loved ones. Sometimes, though, holidays can bring […]

Hurt During the Holidays? We Can Help.

Holidays are supposed to be filled with good tidings for comfort and joy. Sometimes, though, they can be filled with trips to the emergency room for treatment from holiday injuries. No one likes to think about getting hurt during the holidays, but it can happen when people engage in careless or negligent behavior. Instead of […]

5 Tips for Safe Thanksgiving Travel

If you’re among the nearly 55 million Americans hitting the road this Thanksgiving holiday, you’re going to experience some crowded roadways. Taking a road trip of more than 50 miles always comes with challenges. Preserving your safety (and that of your passengers) is priority number one. America’s roadways become more dangerous every year. Americans have […]

How to Identify a Civil Rights Violation

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We the People. When most residents in the United States hear those words, they immediately think of the preamble to The Constitution of the United States. The opening remarks are powerful for good reason. They proclaim who is adopting the Constitution, why they are adopting it, and what is covered under it. Looking at it […]

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