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Tips for Suing Teen Drivers

Teen drivers can be inexperienced and easily distracted, making for a dangerous combination.

5 Tips for Safe Thanksgiving Travel

If you’re among the nearly 55 million Americans hitting the road this Thanksgiving holiday, you’re going to experience some crowded roadways. Taking a road trip of more than 50 miles always comes with challenges. Preserving your safety (and that of your passengers) is priority number one. America’s roadways become more dangerous every year. Americans have […]

How to Identify a Civil Rights Violation

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We the People. When most residents in the United States hear those words, they immediately think of the preamble to The Constitution of the United States. The opening remarks are powerful for good reason. They proclaim who is adopting the Constitution, why they are adopting it, and what is covered under it. Looking at it […]

5 Hidden Injuries from Car Accidents

Hidden injuries from car accidents can cause debilitating symptoms for crash victims. It’s one of the many reasons why you should get checked by a medical practitioner following an auto collision. Self-checks – including medical evaluations by emergency medical technicians at the scene – can miss these hidden injuries. You may be lulled into a […]

Avoid These 5 Mistakes After an Accident

No one starts their day off expecting to get into an automobile accident. Most people go to great lengths to avoid it by practicing safe driving techniques behind the wheel. Despite your best laid plans, all it takes is one careless driver to turn an otherwise pleasant outing into a serious crash. Albuquerque has a […]

Injured Playing Sports? You Can Sue.

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Cross-country track. Football. Soccer. Tennis. All are among the most popular fall sports with athletes at all competition levels. Playing a fall sport can be a great way to engage in a physical activity for all ages. It’s also a common way to get injured. Whether you’re playing a team sport in your high school […]

How to Spot Neglect in Senior Citizens

Elder abuse and neglect sadly are not uncommon in the United States. Roughly 1 in every 10 Americans over the age of 60 has experienced some form of elder abuse or neglect. Sometimes it’s an assisted living facility or nursing home responsible for the mistreatment. Other times, it might be a family member living with […]

How Do You Get Criminal Records Expunged?

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More than 70 million Americans have criminal records. That means every 1 in 3 people in this country have either been arrested or convicted of committing a crime. Criminal records show up on routine background checks and include arrests, convictions, and even dismissals. When you have a criminal record, getting a second chance can be […]

How to Prove a Diminished Value Claim

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If you’re unfortunate enough to be the victim of careless driving, the status of your vehicle may be the least of your immediate concerns. Getting treatment for your injuries and filing a police report are top priorities. However, if your automobile was damaged, you might qualify for a diminished value claim. Not many New Mexico […]

5 Tips for Getting a Rental Car

When you’re involved in an automobile accident, getting treatment for your injuries can be your top priority. You may not be thinking about the damage to your personal vehicle (and whether it’s even drivable after the accident). Even after you get medical attention, your focus may shift to pursuing a personal injury claim if your […]

Motorcyclists Matter: Don’t Be a Road Hog

Motorcyclists flock to the roadways in Albuquerque and across New Mexico during the summer months. More favorable weather increases the likelihood of encountering a motorcyclist while you’re out and about. Learning how to share the roadways instead of becoming a road hog can help prevent a devastating accident that opens you up to a personal […]

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