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How to Avoid a Thanksgiving Lawsuit

Turkey? Check! Stuffing? Check! Pumpkin pie? Check! Lawsuit? Say what, now? That is not on the menu. No one ever thinks about getting sued when they are busy preparing a tasty turkey feast for their friends and family. Yet, the risk is very real for hosts when they invite other people into their homes. From […]

How to Protect Against Worker Retaliation

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Worker retaliation can happen any time an employee files a legal claim against their employer. Maybe they were injured on the job and have made a worker’s compensation claim. Perhaps they were the victim of discrimination due to their race or religion. Whatever the reasoning, workers have rights when they pursue legal action or other […]

Can I Sue for ADA Compliance?

One in every four adults in the United States lives with a disability. Individuals with physical disabilities can sometimes encounter challenges maneuvering safely in public spaces. The Americans with Disability Act mandates that public spaces provide accommodations to disabled guests. However, loopholes exist that can allow some businesses and other public spaces to sidestep the […]

Manslaughter vs. Murder: What’s the Difference?

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When a person’s actions cause someone else’s death, they may face criminal charges if there is enough evidence to indict. Homicide is the general legal term that refers to the killing of one human being by another. Manslaughter and murder are two classifications of homicide, distinguishable by whether the crime was committed with malice aforethought. […]

When Your Doctor Makes an Honest Mistake

Unintentional injuries are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2.8 million people – roughly 869 deaths per 100,000 people – occur each year due to accidents. Medical errors made by physicians and other healthcare practitioners are included in those statistics. It […]

Slip and Fall? Follow These 5 Steps.

We would all like to think we are graceful and skilled enough to stay on our feet regardless of the conditions. The sad fact is, slips, trips, and falls account for the majority of injuries in the workplace and other public spaces.  Sometimes these unfortunate accidents are due to own carelessness. Other times, they happen […]

My Boss Fired Me After Getting Hurt

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I’ve been charged with harassment. Now what?

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Knowingly annoying, alarming, or terrorizing another person regularly in a way that serves no lawful purpose is considered harassment under New Mexico law. Some people know exactly what they are doing when they act this way toward another person. It is their intent to upset the other individual or make them feel afraid. Other times, […]

How to Spot Check Fraud

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Schemes designed to defraud innocent people have become more elaborate in recent years. Technology advancements have made it easier for scammers to pretend to be from legitimate organizations – including government agencies – to win over the trust of consumers. Even when that number on your caller ID appears to be from the IRS, chances […]

How a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Works

No one likes to think about what they would do if a loved one was taken from them because of another person’s reckless or negligent behavior. Wrongful death lawsuits exist to help families of victims recover fair compensation for damages. Survivors have the right to recover damages for: Emotional suffering. Funeral expenses. Loss of companionship. […]

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