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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a growing problem throughout New Mexico. The state ranks 23rd in the category of lifetime intimate partner violence for women and 16th for men. Regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, and economic status, anyone can become a victim of domestic violence.

Local authorities take reports of domestic violence seriously and thoroughly investigate any reports by alleged victims. When called, police respond to the scene and question all parties involved. Alleged offenders may find themselves in police custody while the matter is sorted. In a worst-case scenario, the accused can be charged with assault.

Hiring a law firm that is well versed in domestic violence laws in New Mexico is important if you find yourself facing assault charges stemming from an alleged do. We can help navigate the legal system and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome. In some cases, we can recommend alternatives to jail time and fines associated with these kinds of charges. Counseling, dispute resolution, intervention services, and child welfare services and counseling are all viable recommendations our firm can make in domestic violence cases.

Find Counseling in Albuquerque New Mexico

Every minute, 20 people are physically abused by an intimate partner. Counseling can help address violence in a relationship, especially if it occurs between intimate partners. The alleged perpetrator must receive counseling to help understand the behaviors that lead him or her to become abusive. Once those triggers are identified, counselors can offer specific techniques and alternative ways to express those feelings that do not lead to physical or emotional abuse.

Counseling also is beneficial to the abused person to help them cope. Sessions for the alleged victim will look different than those of their alleged abuser. Primarily, they should focus on helping the person understand they are not responsible for the alleged abuser’s actions. They can learn how to identify patterns that lead to abuse and strategies for intervention.

Joint sessions between a victim and their alleged abuser are not recommended, especially if they are involved in an intimate relationship. Each person has a different role in an abusive situation, and it is inappropriate to try to address them at the same time.

Conflict Resolution

While there are many layers involved with domestic abuse, the inability to resolve conflicts in a non-physical manner is a major contributing factor. When individuals are unable to cope with life’s stressors and lack the skills and strategies to appropriately manage them, some turn to violence to express their anger and frustration. Learning conflict resolution techniques can help. Individuals who tend to lash out in this way can be taught the following:

  • How to clarify the situation to help put things in perspective
  • How to consider all the options for responding
  • How to choose the best response
  • How to create an action plan

The ability to grasp and practice healthy conflict resolution skills can help reduce incidences of domestic violence.

Intervention Services in Albuquerque

Intervention services for batterers involve a series of classes in which alleged abusers – or those convicted of assault – can take to help understand how to change behaviors to prevent violence and abuse. While it is possible for courts to mandate attendance in intervention services, individuals also have the option to seek them out on their own. If you suspect your behavior may be crossing the line into abusive territory, seeking out intervention services is highly recommended.

Most intervention services of this nature provide group counseling sessions. They offer abusers the opportunity to share their stories with others who will understand and can support them in their journey to understand and eliminate abusive behavior in their lives.

Juvenile Intervention Services in Albuquerque

Roughly 24 percent of domestic violence offenders are juveniles. It is like the group counseling offered in conflict resolution for adult domestic violence offenders. Participants can be sentenced by the courts to attend or can choose to attend voluntarily. The main goal is to help identify triggers and learn appropriate coping mechanisms that do not include acts of domestic violence. Sometimes during these services, underlying abuse within the household comes to light, which can be addressed by the appropriate agencies and authorities.

Domestic Violence Legal Services

If you or a loved one are accused of domestic violence, trust the law offices of Cameron & Russell to handle your case in a compassionate manner. Our team approaches your case with a fresh eye to detail and will passionately represent our clients to the fullest extent the law allows. Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation consultation.